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The Quality Of State Auto Insurance Company

State Auto Insurance was formed due to the poor quality that its founder Robert Pein felt were not handled correctly. So, in 1921, he started his own automobile insurance company to rectify this and establish a new quality of standard and service. State Auto Insurance surprisingly started out with only three employees and a small rental and ever since then has amazingly grown into a car insurance provider that serves customers in twenty-seven states across the nation and has over two-thousand employees.

State Auto Insurance displayed their dedication to being a highly rated automobile insurance company, when in 2004, they were only one of fifteen insurance companies in the nation thats has been been given a A+ rating since 1954, when the rating system began. State Auto Insurance has always prided itself on the independent agency appearance and how it operates itself which is clearly a indication of why they have been such a highly rated insurance company.

Besides receiving the highest rating for every year since the rating system began, State Auto Insurance also has different automobile insurance options that helps every day drivers, older drivers and even high risk drivers. With such plans as their Custom Fit Auto plan and umbrella options, State Auto Insurance has two plans that stand out form other Automobile insurance providers.

The first of these programs is the Prime Of Life. With this program you not only receive discounts, but with no extra cost you also receive extra value coverages that have no deductible. Besides these benefits, State Auto Insurance also lowers the age qualification down to age forty-five. Many other auto insurance providers usually have discounts for older drivers that begin at, at least fifty years old.

State Auto Insurance's Non-Standard Auto/State Auto National plan offers options for high risk insurers who cannot receive insurance anywhere else. Not only will this plan offer you similar types of coverage such as liability, medical payments, uninsured motorist coverage among many other benefits, but it also has its own discounts along with payment options. This plan was specifically designed to offer coverage for drivers that for whatever reason cannot get coverage in the regular automobile insurance marketplace.

State Auto Insurance not only provides options to help regular drivers, but also older and high risk drivers. State Auto Insurance backs its dedication to its customers by its continual A+ rating with A.M. Best ever since 1954.