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Grange Insurance Company Solutions

Grange Insurance was established in 1935 in Columbus, Ohio and has grown to serve twelve states in the Eastern and Midwest divisions of the United States. Grange Insurance not only has partnerships with independent insurance agents, but they also have a philosophy to help improve the communities in which they serve. Grange Insurance's management group also participate on multiple non-profit boards, as well as having their associates volunteer time to the community. Last year alone, Grange Insurance donated four million dollars to build the Grange Insurance Audubon Center. When finished being built in 2009, it will provide a nature-based educational program for Ohio school children.

Not only does Grange Insurance give to their local community, but they also provide automobile insurance plans, benefits and bonuses to their policy holders. Grange Insurance has Medical and Personal Injury coverage that not only protects you the driver, but it also protects your passengers. This is an option that provides security for everyone in the car and can be very useful when you have passengers in your car including family, friends and children.

Some of Grange Insurance additional options include the Loan/Lease Gap Coverage plan, which provides you payment coverage from what your car is worth and what you owe on the lease. The Grange Auto Plus Protection Plan goes a step further besides just offering lodging and rental car coverage. It also covers expenses such as airbag replacement, title tax and fees, and even electronic and accessories. Grange Insurance also seems to go a step further by offering replacement coverage for your CD's and tapes if they are damaged or stolen form your car. These are not only unique benefits that are appealing, but they are coverage options that can protect you form theft and damages that can save you thousands of dollars in replacing.

Grange Insurance's Good Student Discount offers some benefits that go beyond a teenager having a good high school education. It also applies to college students up to the age of twenty-five, who have a grade average of B or better. You can also receive a Blue Ribbon discount which is a discount that is applied and determined by your insurance score.

Grange Insurance provides some very useful coverage plans and additional options to protect you from theft and damages. They also offer some very useful discounts with their already attractive car insurance plans that give a driver additional security and benefits.