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Nationwide Insurance Company Information and Review

Nationwide Insurance is a commonly known name within the United States. Some people think that Nationwide Insurance has not been around as long as older insurance companies. However, Nationwide Insurance has been around much longer then what it seems. In 1925 Nationwide Insurance was known as Farm Bureau Automobile Insurance Company. It was not until 1955, that the name was changed to Nationwide Insurance which makes the company older then what it appears. Ever since then Nationwide Insurance has made progress to expand itself. Not only has Nationwide Insurance grown, but they have also helped the city of Columbus, Ohio, grow as well. Due to the financial investment that Nationwide Insurance contributed to Columbus, Ohio, the city now has a NHL Hockey team that plays at Nationwide arena, which is the only major professional sports franchise in the city.

Besides these things, Nationwide Insurance offers discounts that reward not only good driving, but also good grades and credit. There are some unique discounts that Nationwide Insurance offers, which includes such things as a student having a B or 3.0 average in school, by being a long term policy holder with the company for at least five years, by being a homeowner, and taking a accident prevention course from a states Department of Motor Vehicles to just name a few. This not only promotes motivation to do good in school, but it also promotes a reward in lower insurance by educating yourself in how to drive safely. This is a unique way that Nationwide Insurance rewards its policyholders for bettering themselves as well as learning how to become more responsible drivers on the road.

Nationwide Insurance also uses a credit history to help determine your car insurance rates. They evaluate such things as your payment history, how long and how well of a established credit history you do have, as well as your credit sources. Nationwide Insurance claims this is done to help predict insurance losses for the future. So if you have good credit, then that can also help you save even more money on your car insurance. Nationwide Insurance does not make a decision of your credit-worthiness alone. This is just one of many factors that helps determine your auto insurance costs.

Nationwide Insurance offers unique benefits and discounts to their car insurance policies, that rewards its members for being responsible. Their program not only promotes educational benefits for being a good student, but also for being responsible in your financial decisions in your life.