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Mercury Insurance Company Information, Quotes, and Review

Mercury Insurance is a insurance provider who has been around ever since 1962. You may know Mercury Insurance from the funny commercials that they have advertised that show a ufologist who is set to prove that Mercury Insurance is run by aliens. Despite the humor that Mercury Insurance tries to provide in its advertising campaigns, Mercury Insurance offers auto insurance coverage in thirteen states spread out across the nation. They not only offer personal insurance solutions, but they also offer commercial solutions as well. Mercury Insurance does not stop there though, they also offer additional services to best suit your automobile insurance needs and to protect you in any type of circumstance that you may possibly face.

Mercury Insurance offers a variety of car insurance plans for the every day driver who needs the assurance and protection that Automobile insurance offers. Mercury Insurance claims that it can even assist customers who have "unique or special requirements," for their automobile insurance needs. Not only can Mercury Insurance accommodate special requirements and needs, but they can also custom tailor their plans to fit your needs. This is especially useful to drivers who need insurance, to either include or remove different things that the driver will or will not need as a part of their automobile insurance.

For commercial businesses, Mercury Insurance has what is called the Mercury Casualty Company's Automobile Insurance program. This insurance program can be used by any type of businesses and corporations that use commercial vehicles involved with their business. Not only has Mercury Insurance made a Automobile Insurance program to fit different businesses specifically, but they have also received a A+ rating form A.M. Best for this program.

In addition to providing personal and commercial insurance options, Mercury Insurance also provides Mechanical Breakdown Coverage for new and used cars, which serves as an extended warranty program. One benefit of this program is that there are no limit to the amount of claims you can file under the policy.

One other option that Mercury Insurance gives its customers is the umbrella insurance option which not only helps you where your car insurance ends, but also protects you from having to pay out of pocket expenses which could occur in different circumstances.

Mercury Insurance is one of the fastest car insurance companies in the nation who provides different automobile insurance options for individuals and businesses. Mercury Insurance prides itself on being able to provide customized automobile insurance solutions that will satisfy and meet their customers Automobile insurance needs, from casualty insurance to comprehensive coverage.