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Oklahoma Insurance Information

The State of Oklahoma is perhaps best known thanks to the Rogers and Hammerstein Broadway Musical, "Oklahoma!". It is recognized for its expansive prairies and natural beauty by all who visit. But, Oklahoma is also the home to four expansive mountain ranges. Oklahoma is historically referred to as the "Sooner" state, and history books depict early life in Oklahoma as a series of wagon trains filled with migrating American settlers making their way across unknown territory and fighting back tribes of Native Americans living in what is now the state.

Licensed drivers in the State of Oklahoma are required to carry an Oklahoma car insurance policy protecting themselves and others in the event of an accident. Oklahoma car insurance quotes will show that the rates are on the same level as those of other states, which is good news for drivers. Oklahoma's vast roads and highways are maintained in the best possible fashion, but accidents do happen and it is a good idea to be covered in the event that something goes wrong. Liability insurance is required for all drivers and collision coverage is optional as long as you own your vehicle. Leased and financed cars will be required to cover full collision policies until they are paid off in full.

If you need to get Oklahoma auto insurance quotes, we are here to help you. Take a few seconds to select your location at the bottom of this page and you will immediately be presented with competing rates for Oklahoma auto insurance policies that you can purchase immediately. When you request quotes for car insurance, you are not going to be required to purchase a policy from any of the insurers. We are happy to assist you in comparing the different quotes available to you. Feel free to call our toll-free number located at the top of this page for assistance and more information about Oklahoma car insurance and the specific requirements for the state.

Oklahoma Population Data At-a-Glance

3,791,508 total population
36 average citizen age
97 males per 100 females
3 number of cities with > 100,000 residents
Oklahoma City largest city in the state

Vital Oklahoma Insurance Facts

If you drive on Oklahoma roads and highways then be sure to review our information about state car insurance facts. We are convinced you will find the advice beneficial when hunting for a lower premium or a different auto insurance policy, whether you live in Blanchard, Bixby, or Broken Arrow.

Average Annual Oklahoma Insurance Premium Payment


About $129.25/Month. Oklahoma ranks as the 12th most expensive state for car insurance in the United States

Is This an At-Fault or No-Fault State?


State Minimum Coverage Requirement


Injury Liability Per Person / Injury Liability Per Accident / Property Damage
*Units in Thousands of Dollars

Estimated Uninsured Population (%)


Or About 909,962 Uninsured Drivers in the State of Oklahoma

OK Licensing Rules & Regulations

See how Oklahoma stacks up to other states when it comes to license requirements and renewal terms. Also discover additional information about driving restrictions for younger drivers. We continually attempt to keep current with the Sooner State's insurance information.

Learner's Permit

15.5 Years

Unrestricted License

17 Years

Renewal Frequency

4 Years

Safety Requirements, Handheld Devices in Oklahoma

More and more drivers use handheld devices on a routine basis. An abundant amount of states have statutes in place to govern usage while operating a motor vehicle. In addition, local communities such as Claremore and Choctaw may have their own unique codes. Make certain you are not breaking the law at any point. View more information in relation to Oklahoma's safety requirements below.

Seatbelt Offenses


Motorcycle Helmets

17 and Under

Handhelds Banned?


Text-Messaging Banned?


Oklahoma Impaired Driving Laws

Currently, the punishments for driving under the influence are much more severe than before. You should take fundamental preventative measures to avoid driving under the influence. Use a designated driver (DD) or call a taxicab if you are uncertain. For the present moment, take a look at the latest Oklahoma impaired driving rules and regulations.

Under 21 Limit


Individual Limit


Extreme Limit


Financial Penalty Estimate


Minimum License Suspension

30 Days

Maximum Jail Sentence

180 Days

SR-22 Required?


Open Container Law