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Car Insurance Coverage In North Dakota

North Dakota Insurance Information

North Dakota is considered to be part of the U.S region called the "Upper Plains." Most of the state was included in the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. It was called the Dakota Territory at the time, which also consumed present-day South Dakota and parts of Montana and Wyoming. Until the later part of the 19th century, there were few settlers in this region because it was so inaccessible. Travel through the Black Hills, mountains and Badlands area was nearly impossible at that time. Once the railroads were extended through this region, more settlers arrived. In 1889, North Dakota, along with its neighboring South Dakota, was admitted to the Union. Shortly after that time, anti-corporate laws were enacted, making foreclosure on farm lands nearly impossible.

For this reason, many farmers have been attracted to this state, but it does require experienced farmers. The land is hard to cultivate and most months of the year are cold. Oil was discovered in the 1980s, making this a resourceful state. Most of North Dakota is wide-open area. The majority of the state's population lives in the state's two larger cities, Fargo and Bismarck. During the winter time, driving in the city can be treacherous with snow, ice and strong wind. The temperatures drop well below zero and stay there for days. Vehicles experience more damage and wear in such extreme temperatures. Another threat to vehicles in this state is careless drivers. Outside of the cities, wildlife and bad roads often cause damage to cars also. Considering all these factors, it is important to have a good North Dakota car insurance policy.

Having the coverage when it is needed will save hundreds and even thousands of dollars. In the case of an at-fault accident, having insurance in this state will also prevent losing excessive amounts of money in a lawsuit. Don't drive without a good North Dakota auto insurance policy. We want to help you find the right policy. You will find a drop-down menu on this page giving you the option to select the area of North Dakota you reside in. Use the search feature to view a free North Dakota auto insurance quote. Our website will help you find all of the most reliable and reasonably-priced providers that offer coverage in your area. View what is included in their policies and decide which coverage is right for you. We are happy to assist you in finding that right policy and provider. Don't delay; view your free North Dakota car insurance quote today.

North Dakota Population Data At-a-Glance

683,932 total population
36 average citizen age
99 males per 100 females
1 number of cities with > 100,000 residents
Fargo largest city in the state

Vital North Dakota Insurance Facts

Interpreting the rules and regulations of auto insurance in North Dakota is advisable for all drivers, from Fargo to Forman. Compare your premiums in contrast to the national average to discover how the Roughrider State ranks in terms of cost.

Average Annual North Dakota Insurance Premium Payment


About $230.92/Month. North Dakota ranks as the 1st most expensive state for car insurance in the United States

Is This an At-Fault or No-Fault State?


State Minimum Coverage Requirement


Injury Liability Per Person / Injury Liability Per Accident / Property Damage
*Units in Thousands of Dollars

Estimated Uninsured Population (%)


Or About 61,554 Uninsured Drivers in the State of North Dakota

ND Licensing Rules & Regulations

Each state is unique when it comes to licensing rules and regulations. Make sure you are complying with the laws of your community to avoid fines or other punishments. Breaking the law such as driving with an expired registration can bring grave consequences.

Learner's Permit

14 Years

Unrestricted License

16 Years

Renewal Frequency

6 Years

Safety Requirements, Handheld Devices in North Dakota

Safe driving has become a contended issue throughout most of the country as cell phones continue to advance in popularity. Make sure you comprehend the laws associated with handheld devices as well as the overall safety guidelines, whether you are driving in Bismarck or Beulah.

Seatbelt Offenses


Motorcycle Helmets

17 and Under

Handhelds Banned?


Text-Messaging Banned?


North Dakota Impaired Driving Laws

Impaired driving laws vary considerably between every state. While it is critical to never drink and drive, being acquainted with the impaired driving limitations can help you make smart decisions before driving a vehicle.

Under 21 Limit


Individual Limit


Extreme Limit


Financial Penalty Estimate


Minimum License Suspension

91 Days

Maximum Jail Sentence

0 Days

SR-22 Required?


Open Container Law