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New Jersey Insurance Information

While New Jersey is the third-smallest state in the country, it is the most densely populated of all 50 states. The Garden State has a population of nearly nine million people despite its diminutive size. New Jersey is also a remarkably wealthy state, boasting the second-highest median income in the nation. New Jersey has a convenient position among sprawling metropolises such as New York City, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. Given the large number of people living in a very small area, the need for New Jersey car insurance is especially acute. Because of its high population density, New Jersey has the second-highest auto insurance premiums in the U.S. after Washington, D.C. Fortunately, New Jersey auto insurance does not have to cost a fortune when you shop wisely for your policy.

The most effective way to minimize your car insurance costs is to compare multiple New Jersey car insurance quotes from respected providers. You can do so in one of two ways. You can either browse dozens of sites looking for the best price on New Jersey auto insurance, trying to compare apples and oranges in the process. Alternatively, you can have all of the research done beforehand for you when you request New Jersey auto insurance quotes through our site. You can view up to five free quotes on New Jersey car insurance by simply selecting your state above or selecting your city or county from the dropdown menu available at the bottom of this page. You will receive relevant, local quotes that are the most accurate and affordable for your specific region of New Jersey.

At, we don't believe in the one-size-fits-all policy. Our visitors have the freedom to customize the policies they would like prior to requesting quotes. You will receive New Jersey car insurance quotes tailored to your individual needs and budgetary constraints. If you have questions or comments along the way, you are more than welcome to contact us using the 1-800 number provided at the top of this page. Our experienced representatives welcome your calls and can offer you valuable input on how to find the most affordable New Jersey auto insurance quotes.

New Jersey Population Data At-a-Glance

8,821,155 total population
39 average citizen age
94 males per 100 females
4 number of cities with > 100,000 residents
Newark largest city in the state

Vital New Jersey Insurance Facts

Having a firm awareness of your state insurance facts and information will assist in making it easier to modify and manage your insurance policy. By carrying important coverage and adhering to the fundamental requirements such as the state minimum coverage, you may enjoy serenity while driving.

Average Annual New Jersey Insurance Premium Payment


About $86.25/Month. New Jersey ranks as the 42nd most expensive state for car insurance in the United States

Is This an At-Fault or No-Fault State?


State Minimum Coverage Requirement


Injury Liability Per Person / Injury Liability Per Accident / Property Damage
*Units in Thousands of Dollars

Estimated Uninsured Population (%)


Or About 970,327 Uninsured Drivers in the State of New Jersey

NJ Licensing Rules & Regulations

All states are dissimilar when it comes to licensing rules and regulations. To prevent forfeiture of funds or other penalties, categorically make sure you are complying with the laws in your community. Transgressions such as driving a vehicle without a license will likely bring a serious negative outcome.

Learner's Permit

16 Years

Unrestricted License

18 Years

Renewal Frequency

4 Years

Safety Requirements, Handheld Devices in New Jersey

Responsible policyholders should strive to abide by all applicable safety requirements. The statutes that involve text-messaging and handheld phone usage may differ significantly between states. Make certain you are cognizant of the laws in the area in which you are driving.

Seatbelt Offenses


Motorcycle Helmets

All Ages

Handhelds Banned?


Text-Messaging Banned?


New Jersey Impaired Driving Laws

Impaired driving laws differ quite a bit between each state. While it is smart to not drink and drive, knowledge of the impaired driving limits in your state may assist you in making wise decisions before operating a motorized vehicle.

Under 21 Limit


Individual Limit


Extreme Limit


Financial Penalty Estimate


Minimum License Suspension

12 Days

Maximum Jail Sentence

30 Days

SR-22 Required?


Open Container Law