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Liberty Mutual Insurance Company's Silent Options

Despite the marketing and advertisements campaigns that Liberty Mutual Insurance stays away from, they are still one of the most known auto insurance providers in the nation. Liberty Mutual Insurance also has a ranking of 102 on the Fortune 500 list of the Largest corporations in the United States. Liberty Mutual Insurance has over thirty-five-thousand employees and over nine hundred offices around the world. Liberty Mutual Insurance offers insurance plans for individuals and businesses alike, offering different automobile insurance plans to serve the different needs of the two.

Liberty Mutual Insurance offers two types of automobile insurance to individuals. One is called the Liberty Guard Auto Insurance package, while the other is Personal Liability Protection. The Liberty Guard Auto Insurance plan covers such things as liability, medical payments and coverage protecting you against uninsured motorists. Some additions you can include with your car insurance plan is collision coverage, towing and labor coverage, and other then collision coverage which covers such things as animals, theft and vandalism, and many other situations that are not covered in collision coverage. Some benefits that policyholder receive from Liberty Mutual Insurance are after hours policy services, round the clock claims assistance, twelve month locked policies, a Freedom Pay Plan to always make payments on time, as well as Emergency Roadside Assistance.

The Personal Liability Protection plan is a added protection service to cover what your regular liability insurance will not cover which includes personal injury coverage and defense against lawsuits which includes anywhere in the world. This adds bonus protection coverage that your standard auto insurance cannot provide. This provides businesses with the tolls needed to educate their drivers on safe driving practices and will lead to less accidents and damage occurrences.

Liberty Mutual Insurance also provides insurance solutions commercial companies called its Auto/Fleet Insurance coverage. This type of commercial automobile insurance covers such types of businesses as self insured employers, commercial motor carriers as well as truckers. Liberty Mutual Insurance helps commercial businesses lower liabilities with their driving by providing a loss control specialist. In addition of having a loss control specialist on a companies side, Liberty Mutual Insurance also provides such tools as Decision driving, which is a safety driving program.

Liberty Mutual Insurance provides both commercial and personal car insurance. Liberty Mutual Insurance not only provides personal car insurance alternatives, benefits and additional insurance options, but they also give personal insurance options that protect them where they regular auto insurance would not.