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Kentucky is the 15th state in the Union. It's famous for its thoroughbred racing horses, its poultry, its bourbon distilleries and for its love of Bluegrass music. Kentucky is also famous for its passion for college basketball and for its role as a leading producer of coal, beef cattle and produce. These passions have attracted many employers in Kentucky that cater to these industries. As a result, Kentucky's leading employers include food processing firms, many coal mining companies and several local firms which cater to the horse racing industry. Kentuckians also have a wide array of Kentucky auto insurance products that protect residents against the hazards of driving in the Bluegrass State. For example, many Kentucky car insurance agencies sell comprehensive coverage for teen drivers and senior drivers who might need extra causality coverage.

Other Kentucky auto insurance agencies sell policies which offer causality coverage and bodily harm coverage that often exceeds state auto insurance requirements. In addition, many Kentucky auto insurance underwriters also sell Kentucky auto insurance policies which cover international drivers who might need temporary protection while they are visiting the area. These polices feature several options that can help Kentuckians find the right coverage to meet their needs. Exploring these options is important because Kentucky's auto insurance laws require residents to carry sufficient casualty and property auto insurance coverage. One way you can find high-quality Kentucky auto insurance policies that offer this protection is to request no-obligation Kentucky auto insurance quotes from is an online auto insurance information portal which attempts to match consumers with local Kentucky auto insurance agencies that offer the best prices on the coverage Kentuckians need to comply with their state's auto insurance requirements. We make it easy to request free Kentucky car insurance quotes because our handy search engine uses special search methods that take the guesswork out of locating Kentucky auto insurance quotes. These search methods also allow our clients to save money on a wide range of Kentucky auto insurance policies. This is the case because we consistently update our prices to ensure that we deliver the lowest prices for high-quality Kentucky auto insurance products. As a result, you can trust to save you both time and money while shopping for Kentucky car insurance. To see why, ask for your free, no-obligation Kentucky car insurance quotes today! To get the process started, please press the button above to access our information form.

Kentucky Population Data At-a-Glance

4,369,356 total population
38 average citizen age
95 males per 100 females
2 number of cities with > 100,000 residents
Louisville largest city in the state

Vital Kentucky Insurance Facts

Understanding the insurance statistics of your locality is essential when purchasing an auto insurance policy or researching different coverage types. Be sure to make note of the minimum coverage levels to make sure you are adequately protected in the event of an incident.

Average Annual Kentucky Insurance Premium Payment


About $101.50/Month. Kentucky ranks as the 28th most expensive state for car insurance in the United States

Is This an At-Fault or No-Fault State?


State Minimum Coverage Requirement


Injury Liability Per Person / Injury Liability Per Accident / Property Damage
*Units in Thousands of Dollars

Estimated Uninsured Population (%)


Or About 786,484 Uninsured Drivers in the State of Kentucky

KY Licensing Rules & Regulations

If you spend any amount of time driving in Kentucky, we highly recommend taking a look at the latest rules and regulations concerning licensing. Younger drivers will want to have a strong knowledge on driving restrictions and learner permit standards.

Learner's Permit

16 Years

Unrestricted License

17 Years

Renewal Frequency

4 Years

Safety Requirements, Handheld Devices in Kentucky

Safety should be a top priority for drivers in any state. Kentucky drivers should refrain from using handheld devices while operating a vehicle and obey seatbelt laws for extra protection. Those who adhere to the safety laws and regulations put in place will have a much greater chance of survival in the event of an accident.

Seatbelt Offenses


Motorcycle Helmets

20 and Under

Handhelds Banned?


Text-Messaging Banned?


Kentucky Impaired Driving Laws

If you drink and drive from time to time, it is advisable that you check the impaired driving laws and penalties listed below. As you can see, there are harsh punishments if you are caught while driving intoxicated in Kentucky. We encourage you to refrain from drinking and driving to save time and money.

Under 21 Limit


Individual Limit


Extreme Limit


Financial Penalty Estimate


Minimum License Suspension

120 Days

Maximum Jail Sentence

30 Days

SR-22 Required?


Open Container Law