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Indiana Insurance Information

On December 11, 1816, Indiana was the 19th state to be admitted into the Union. Indiana was created from parts of the old Northwest Territory that was won during the American Revolution. Since then, Indiana's history has been shaped over the last two hundred years by its important role in the development of modern manufacturing methods that have been instrumental in creating new industries in the Midwest. Nowadays, Indiana is still an important industrial leader in the Midwest. As a result, Indiana's major employers still include several manufacturers and energy companies. In addition, most Indiana residents enjoy attending NFL football games, Big Ten college athletics, several annual fairs and the Indianapolis 500 motor race. Indiana residents also have a broad selection of Indiana auto insurance products to consider. Whether you live in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne or anywhere in between, you can find great rates using our free comparison method.

For example, many Indiana auto insurance underwriters offer comprehensive auto insurance policies which provide protection against vandalism, fire damage and bodily harm that resulted from a vehicle accident. Other underwriters offer Indiana car insurance policies which protect new drivers from the risks associated with learning how to drive a vehicle. There are also many Indiana car insurance policies which offer residents coverage for damages caused by uninsured motorists. It's important to compare rates on these and other Indiana auto insurance policies because Indiana state laws require residents to have a minimum amount of auto insurance coverage. An easy way to compare rates on Indiana car insurance policies that help drivers comply with local auto insurance laws is to request free Indiana auto insurance quotes from

It's easy to obtain Indiana car insurance quotes from because we use a simple search process that allows consumers to compare up to six Indiana auto insurance quotes from leading auto insurance underwriters at once. The best part about comparing these Indiana auto insurance quotes is that users can save money on high-quality Indiana auto insurance policies that can help drivers comply with Indiana's auto insurance laws. As a result, you have everything to gain by asking for free Indiana car insurance quotes from! So why wait any longer? Ask for your free Indiana auto insurance quotes today! To get the process started, please click on the button above to access our application form.

Indiana Population Data At-a-Glance

6,516,922 total population
37 average citizen age
97 males per 100 females
4 number of cities with > 100,000 residents
Indianapolis largest city in the state

Vital Indiana Insurance Facts

Those who are shopping for car insurance, comparing rates or simply researching insurance statistics will appreciate our comprehensive collection of Indiana facts. We are confident you will find the following information extremely relevant and useful.

Average Annual Indiana Insurance Premium Payment


About $84.42/Month. Indiana ranks as the 45th most expensive state for car insurance in the United States

Is This an At-Fault or No-Fault State?


State Minimum Coverage Requirement


Injury Liability Per Person / Injury Liability Per Accident / Property Damage
*Units in Thousands of Dollars

Estimated Uninsured Population (%)


Or About 1,042,708 Uninsured Drivers in the State of Indiana

IN Licensing Rules & Regulations

An Indiana driver license is a privilege, not a right. It is important to remember this when operating a vehicle in The Hoosier State. Do not get caught driving on an expired license. Make sure you adhere to the standards listed below to reduce the chance of getting fined.

Learner's Permit

15 Years

Unrestricted License

18 Years

Renewal Frequency

6 Years

Safety Requirements, Handheld Devices in Indiana

Most states are cracking down on safety infractions, and Indiana is among them. Using a handheld device while driving or neglecting to use a seatbelt may seem harmless, but there are serious ramifications associated with these actions. Be sure to comply with the state laws and regulations at all times on the road.

Seatbelt Offenses


Motorcycle Helmets

17 and Under

Handhelds Banned?


Text-Messaging Banned?


Indiana Impaired Driving Laws

Getting a DUI or other charge on your record can have a serious impact on your financial future and even current or future employment opportunities. Do not put your future in jeopardy by driving while intoxicated. Be sure to understand the legal limits listed below to stay on the right side of the law.

Under 21 Limit


Individual Limit


Extreme Limit


Financial Penalty Estimate


Minimum License Suspension

180 Days

Maximum Jail Sentence

365 Days

SR-22 Required?


Open Container Law