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Car Insurance Guide - Liability, Collision, Comprehensive, & other Coverage Information

Our guide to car insurance rates is designed to give you all the necessary knowledge to lower your premiums. We strive to provide detailed state by state information for insurance consumers nationwide.

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Car Insurance Companies

You have a vast selection of car insurance companies from which to choose your new policy. Most of the top insurers in the country provide quotes through our site. Find a list of the largest auto insurers in the U.S. here.

Rates Go Up After No-fault Accident

With most car insurance policies, any time you make a claim, your premiums will rise. Even after collisions in which you had no fault, your rates will likely still go up. We'll explain why this is and tell you how to avoid it.

SUV's More Expensive to Insure

The cost of ownership for an SUV is significantly higher than for a smaller vehicle, and not just because of poor gas mileage. SUV's also cost an average of 10%-20% more to insure. Find out why SUV's have such high premiums here.

Rates Drop at Age 25

Twenty-five might not seem like a milestone birthday at first blush, but it is actually an important age with regard to car insurance. When you reach age 25, your car insurance rates will automatically drop. Learn what it is about reaching age 25 that entitles you to lower premiums.

Full Coverage vs. Liability Only

With auto insurance, a trade-off exists between coverage levels and premiums. That is, if you want the lowest premiums, you will have to select minimal levels of coverage. We'll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of carrying full coverage as opposed to liability-only here.

Why Rates Vary Co. to Co.

If you have shopped around for car insurance quotes, you know how widely rates can vary from one company to another. The disparity may seem illogical when your demographic information, driving record, and coverage choices are the same from company to company. Read this post to find out why the rates of various insurers can be so different.

Are you a bad driver?

You may never have received a ticket in your life, but you still might practice a few bad driving habits. Distractions like cell phones, radios, and iPods can easily divert the attention of even the best drivers. Learn some of the defining traits of bad drivers here.

How does my credit affect my insurance?

Most car insurers now pull applicants' credit reports before deciding whether to issue them coverage. Insurance carriers also use credit information to determine what premiums to charge a particular policyholder. We'll discuss the legal implications of credit reporting as it relates to car insurance here.

Save more by comparison shopping

The more competition companies face, the lower their prices will be. Car insurers are no exception to this fundamental economic principle. With more and more consumers using the Internet to compare rates, car insurers have begun steadily lowering their premiums.

File Insurance Co. Complaint

If your insurer will not pay out a claim or if you are unhappy with the settlement the insurer gave you, you have the right to file a complaint against them. Each state has a department of insurance with whom consumers can file complaints. We'll tell you how to go about doing so here.

International Drivers and Driving Abroad

Driving a vehicle in another country presents a whole host of issues concerning driver's licenses, driving records, and insurance coverage. For instance, if you have an accident abroad will it appear on your United States driving record? Find the answer to this and other questions related to international driving on this page.

Points and Your Drivers License

When you receive a citation for a moving violation, the department of motor vehicles will most likely assess points or demerits against your license. How many points you receive on your driver's license and how long they will remain will depend on the nature of the offense and state law. Read on to learn more about the license demerit system and how points can impact your insurance rates.

Most Common Vehicle Incidents

Speeding, failing to obey a traffic sign or device, and parking violations are just a few of the offenses for which drivers are most commonly cited. Whether you will be able to get the ticket expunged from your record and how it will affect your car insurance rates will depend on the nature of the citation. Read on to learn how the following common traffic offenses will impact your driving record and your insurance premiums.

Traffic Tickets

You may be wondering, "how much will my insurance go up with a speeding ticket?" Every insurer will have a different policy on rate increases following a moving violation such as a speeding ticket. If you have an otherwise clean driving record, some insurers might forgive your first minor infraction, meaning it will not affect your rates.