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The Coverage Of Farmers Insurance Company

Farmers Insurance was formed in 1928 and has formed into the third largest writer for private passenger automobile insurance. Farmers Insurance runs its services successfully in approximately forty-one states within the United States, and has over fifteen-thousand employees nationwide. Farmers Insurance currently has over fifteen million customers that they serve and has been a strong community supporter in different areas.

Farmers Insurance has been a supporter for programs that improve not only safety but also promote education and that include the promotion for involvement in the community. Not only has Farmers Insurance as a entity given to their community, but also each one of the Farmers Insurance group members have also taken volunteer time and personal investments and have given it to their personal communities as well. One of the greatest examples of Farmers Insurance and its employees working as a group and personal individuals was in 2000, when the Farmers Insurance employees totaling over 15,000 altogether, all contributed over 75,000 labor hours to their communities combined. Not only was this labor contribution given by Farmers Insurance employees to their personal communities, but together they also contributed over one million dollars, in which Farmers Insurance gave over two million dollars. Due to the community support that is received from Farmers Insurance and its employees, it should come as to no surprise that Farmers Insurance started the American Promise in 1995, which has been used by over 100,00 teachers nationwide to show their students inspirational community stories.

Farmers Insurance offers different types of auto insurance that ranges from comprehensive, bodily injury, property damage, and medical payments to name a few. In addition to their auto insurance plans, Farmers Insurance also offers additional options that range from roadside assistance and towing services, all th way to windshield repair. The most impressive and unique of these add on services is the windshield glass repair program. The program utilizes about 12,000, independent glass shops across the nation who you can visit at their shop, or they can visit you at such places at your home or work. The program is reasonable as you only pay a deductible fee while Farmers Insurance pays the remainder. You also receive a warranty with your repair that is given to you by the glass repairer. The best part of the warranty, is that Farmers Insurance will also back up the warranty which is given, to help protect the policyholder form any future problems with the windshield glass repair.

Farmers Insurance has proven to not only be the third largest writer for private passenger car insurance, but has also proved to be concerned about the local community. Farmers Insurance offers viable insurance plans with additional add on options.