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The American Family Insurance Company

If you live in certain parts of the United States then you have heard of American Family Insurance. They are a private mutual company that operates its auto insurance coverage in eighteen states in the United States. American Family Insurance was established in 1927, and despite its limited operating areas in the United States where it provides auto insurance, American Family Insurance is a Fortune 500 company. American Family Insurance offers different perks and plans within different states, which makes each of the plans options different from state to state. However, these different perks and plans are not dramatically different and offer comparable services and protection to policyholders.

Depending on what state you are in, the only real differences applied to any policy would be either Personal Injury Protection or Medical Expense. This coverage would cover any injuries caused by an accident that would require medical attention. The rest of the policy would hold common benefits regardless of what state you are in which would include such things as, uninsured motorist coverage, collision coverage and different options that you can add onto your auto insurance policy, to just name a few of the common benefits.

American Family Insurance also offers discounts that can be very helpful to older drivers as well as your driving habits. You can receive certain discounts from American Family Insurance for such things as having any one of the members in your household that have a good student record, driving only so many miles per year, participating in a car pool, as well as driving fewer then thirty miles to and form work per week. These benefits promote limited driving which not only will save you money with car fuel and maintenance, but also contributes to cleaner air and providing an environmental solution to maintain clean air. American Family Insurance also promotes alternative ways to go to and form places including work, by rewarding their policy holders for having limited driving. Older drives can also benefit from American Family Insurance's discounts, which can be helpful to retirees and senior citizens, to have a lower cost that they can apply to their budget.

American Family Insurance has also showed community support when it contributed ten million dollars several years ago to fund the American Family Hospital. American Family Insurance matched what its employees and insurance agents contributed themselves. This great contribution has led to the opening of the hospital to be in August of this year.

American Family Insurance offers the commitment and care of any large insurance provider while giving unique discounts to its policyholders. These benefits that American Family Insurance provides benefits to all ages of the community.