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Allstate Insurance Company is in Good Hands

Many people do not realize that at one time Allstate was actually a part of sears, Roebuck & Co. being established in nineteen-thirty-one. Later in the the nineties, Allstate eventually became independent and was a publicly traded company on the stock market. It should come as to no surprise that Allstate has top ratings with such places A.M. Best and Standard and Poor, as it insures one out of every nine cars that you see driven on the roads today. Allstate has over twelve-thousand agents that work solely for Allstate. Here is a look at the different features of Allstate that defines why they say you are in good hands.

Allstate has always made it a point to put the customer in first within all of their advertisements. With such features as Accident Forgiveness where you will not receive an accident penalty even if it is your fault, Allstate has some very appealing plan options. They also have other options such as, Deductible Rewards and a Safe driver Bonus, where the customer can really feel like they are coming first. These are a few of the different options that Allstate offers its customers. Allstate even has bundled features as well as information about getting car insurance for many different scenarios.

Besides some very appealing offers with their car insurance plans, Allstate has also been recognized for numerous rewards with the majority of them being one of the top work places for minorities, women, mothers and disabled people to work for. They also received a scorecard rating of being the number one online insurance company.

Allstate also takes a public stand on teen driving which is surprisingly the number one cause of death for teenagers in the United States. Allstate makes a public effort to educate drivers and also promotes communication between parents and their teenage driving kids. Allstate does this by helping parents make agreements with their Allstate Parent-Teen Driver Contract. The purpose of this contract is to promote smarter driving to teenagers while at the same time having a written agreement of the driving limits set for the teenager for when they are driving. Allstate hopes that with this effort, they can minimize driving accidents which will help teenage drivers also become safer adult drivers.

Allstate has different options that can benefit safe drivers and protect you against situations that you may not necessarily be able to foresee or avoid as well as supporting crucial issues related to driving for young adults.