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The AIG Insurance Company Foundation

By looking at AIG Insurance, you would not know that it is the fourth largest company in the world. Many people do not realize that AIG Insurance was originally founded in Shanghai, China in 1919. In 1969, AIG Insurance became a public traded company. Much of the establishment of the way AIG Insurance ran can be credited to Hank Greenburg, who took over AIG Insurance in 1968 and recently resigned in 2005. Because of his efforts, AIG Insurance is now the leader in international insurance as well as financial services. Due to AIG Insurance's international presence, it should come as no surprise that AIG Insurance is also the proud sponsor of United Manchester, which is an English football team.

AIG Insurance offers some great features with their insurance programs that can not only be viewed as convenient, but can also be beneficial to any driver who could be caught within a bad situation. Like any other common insurance company, AIG Insurance needs to gather specific information to give a proper quote. However, there are some benefits that you can add to your car insurance program that really sets AIG Insurance apart form other insurance providers.

The first is the AIG Security Advantage Plan. This plan offers some basic but yet very important benefits to policyholders of AIG Insurance. You receive such things as 24-Hour Roadside Assistance, Identity Theft Restoration Service, 24-Hour Emergency Medical and Travel Assistance. Somethings that set these services apart is that the 24-Hour Emergency Medical and Travel Assistance not only covers you in the United States, but it will also provide coverage in Canada. Also, AIG Insurance provides these services at no cost to anyone who is a policy holder of their car insurance.

Another service that AIG Insurance has that also sets them apart, is that they allow you to choose any repair shop of your liking. There are many insurance companies who limit the places of where you can go to have your vehicle repaired. AIG Insurance raises these types of limitations and does not require you to check in to find specific repair shops that AIG Insurance would want you to go to. AIG Insurance will make suggestions as to repair shops that they feel supply superior service, however they do not require you to visit the shops that they recommend. AIG Insurance also pays the shop directly so that there are no delays in taking your car home.

AIG Insurance offers some unique additions to their car insurance plans, while taking away hassles form being an insured driver.