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AARP Insurance Company Goes Beyond Health Care

The AARP Insurance is best known for its health insurance for senior citizen. AARP Insurance is also known as a strong advocate for senior citizens and is a lobbying group that is listed among one of the most powerful in the United States. AARP Insurance is now adding automobile insurance options to their insurance services. However these are not your regular automobile insurance options, but are rather special automobile insurance options that are available from AARP Insurance to those over the age of fifty. The insurance solutions offered by AARP Insurance not only has benefits to assist in savings, but even comes with a six point claim guarantee.

AARP Insurance has put together a specific Automobile insurance program hat is custom tailored to older drivers and not only provides some great benefits, but also can save them money. One part of the AARP Insurance car insurance program that stands out, is that drivers can take a AARP Driver Safety test to lower their rate by ten percent. The discount will last for three years and also helps older drivers remain safe on the road. Many insurance companies view older drivers as high risk due to the amount of accidents that can occur with older drivers. If an older driver gets in to many accidents then the automobile insurance can be canceled. With AARP Insurance automobile insurance coverage, you can never have the policy canceled because of an accident. The only way your policy can be canceled is due to either not paying your premium on time, losing your drivers license, under the influence while driving and not being able to operate a car in a stable state of mind.

They also offer a six point claim guarantee. Such things in their guarantee include providing claims availability anytime of the day or year including holidays, workmanship guarantee, as well as 15 month or 15,000 replacement on any new car you purchase, to just name a few.

AARP Insurance also claims it can save you up to three-hundred-and-three dollars based upon previous savings that it saved on previous members who switched over to its car insurance program. AARP Insurance also provides other benefits besides savings, such as a lifetime repair warrantee, as well as an online customer and billing center.

AARP Insurance not only covers health insurance but also covers automobile insurance. With such solutions and options backed with a six point claims guarantee, AARP Insurance offers an automobile insurance alternative for all those fifty and over.