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The Legacy Of Travelers Insurance Company

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Travelers Insurance is the second largest writer of car insurance. This is said, because not only is Travelers Insurance the second largest writer of car insurance, but they have also been in business for over one-hundred-and-forty years, being established in the 1864. Not only can Travelers Insurance make the claim for being in business of so long, but they also were the very first companies to insure against accidents.

Travelers Insurance offers different discounts as well as additional benefits that can be found with their auto insurance coverage policies. The most unique as of yet, is that Travelers Insurance offers a ten percent discount of their auto insurance policy for drivers who have Hybrid vehicles. This is called the Hybrid Travelers Discount and promotes the use of Hybrid vehicles to help the environment and use less oil resources. Along with providing discount car insurance for being a good student, Travelers Insurance also provides driver training credit. Travelers Insurance also allows you to bundle your policy with a Travelers Insurance policy as well. This also provides more options and flexibility to drivers for their insurance coverage and needs.

In addition to Travelers Insurance different discounts and additional options you have with combining auto insurance policies, you also obtain a level of commitment from Travelers Insurance. They claim to have fast claim service, any time of day and any day of the year, including holidays. Not only do they make a commitment to help you and provide a fast claim, but they also have their own automobile repair program. This is a national and guaranteed automobile repair program that gives you the option to go to a Travelers Insurance repair shop or choose a repair shop of your choice. However, Travelers Insurance gives some additional benefits to its policyholders who choose a travelers insurance repair shop. You will receive such benefits as on site estimates, all rental arrangements are handled on site for you, and you will receive a guarantee on the repairs for as long as you own the vehicle, just to name a few of the multiple benefits of choosing a Travelers Insurance repair shop.

Travelers Insurance was not only the first company to insure against accidents in the United States, but has continued to offer discounts and benefits to its car insurance policy holders. These discounts and benefits not only promote the use of cars that utilize new economy friendly technology, but also give the customer VIP treatment when receiving repairs and dealing with claims.