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Review Of Hartford Insurance Company

Hartford Insurance was not only founded in 1810, almost two-hundred years ago, but the company has continued throughout the United States worse incidents in history. It has become one of the largest investment and insurance companies in the United states and was listed number seventy-eight on the Fortune 100 list. Hartford Insurance supplies its services to millions of customers not only nationwide, but also worldwide, working with over 11,000 independent agencies and over 100,000 different brokers and agents. Here is an overview look of Hartford Insurance and the services it offers.

Hartford Insurance provides what it calls discounts for diverse households. They offer price advantages for not only married couples, but also for domestic partners as well as single parents. Hartford Insurance has a free roadside assistance policy included with every policy, as well as reducing a drivers insurance rate for being accident and violation free for three years. They also offer a convenient claims assignment, where the person you first contact about the claim will handle the entire claim without you having to familiarize yourself with someone else. This eliminates having to reference information about your claim and makes the claims process easier.

Hartford Insurance offers discounts for anti theft devices installed in your car, as well as taking a defensive driver course for customers who have a full coverage car insurance policy, which lasts for three years. Among other discounts, you can also receive a discount for being a experienced driver based upon your age group.

Out of the plans from Hartford Insurance, their Personal Injury Protection will pay for injuries form an automobile accident, regardless of who is at fault. The Towing and Labor coverage also is attractive in an automobile insurance policy, because it not only pays for the towing of your car if it breaks down, but also for all of the labor costs reaching to however much coverage your policy protects against. Their Medical Insurance coverage also adds some benefits as it covers the medical costs of every person who is in the automobile during an accident.

Hartford Insurance also applies their automobile insurance coverage to not only personal and commercial automobiles, but also to recreational vehicles, utility trailers as well as motor homes, to just name a few. This gives drivers more options to what they can insure with their automobile insurance, besides just their car or truck.

Not only has Hartford Insurance been in business for almost two-hundred year,s but they have grown to make car insurance plans that cover more then just your standard automobile. By providing different coverage options, discounts and types of vehicles you can insure, they provide their customers with a wide range of options.